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Experian Reports



KYR Financial Services is very excited to have an affiliate relationship with Experian. This allows us the ability to provide Experian reports through our website (see the link below). KYR Financial Services believes managing your credit risk is essential to maximizing revenue while limiting bad debt.

Experian offers an array of online monitoring tools, including alert warning services, after your company extended credit to a customer. These tools can assist in timely modifying customers’ credit limits and identifying customers’ delinquencies, liens and bankruptcy filings.

Our affiliate relationship with Experian we are able to provide you simple and affordable access to Experian reports without requiring a long-term contract. This allows you to manage your entire portfolio from a single location.

Experian products can assist in:

  • Monitoring how customers are meeting their financial obligations to the business community
  • Timely identifying customers’ deteriorating financial conditions, allowing you to make informed, decisive decisions to minimize losses
  • Experian reports can also be used with our on line credit review process

These reports should allow you to manage your customer base on an on going basis. Combine the Experian reports with using KYP Financial Services on line credit application and credit review scoring process makes for a very efficient credit management platform.